Hawaii's 1st CW Star top5 challenge

Mahalo plenty for all the love and support on my journey to become Hawaii's 1st CW Star. Congrats to the Top5: Vakisha, Shayla, myself, Daryl, and Mikey! Check out the other contestants and vote for who you think should be Hawaii's 1st CW Star! 

Voting period: 12/3-12/11
click the link to vote: http://khon2.com/hawaiis-cw-star-ray/
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Study the greats and become greater

12 days ago I had the pleasure of opening up for one of Hawaii's comedy legends, AUGIE T! Even bettah, it all happened in the town that I was born and raised in, Lana'i city. I grew up listening to Lanai & Augie and never thought I'd be following their path. Study the greats and become greater they said; follow the science of drafting. Augie is celebrating 25 years of comedy while I'm on year 3. I feel like Frank Delima in the 7th grade; legend in the making. 


Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 12.19.30 PM.png

I was small kine befuddled why they chose to put me on the cover of Flux Magazine's "charm issue," but then I remembered that I was voted prince charming at Lana'i High & Elementary school, hahahhahaa. I'm super stoked to be on the front cover of this magazine along with all the other charmers inside such as Guy Hagi, Rap Reiplinger[my idol], Makua Rothman, valet drivers, and much more. Mahalo plenty Flux Hawaii!! me love you long time.